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Pop Pirates

2008-06-03 06:01:43 by thegameslist

Thanks to everyone who gave Pop Pirates (newgrounds link) a nice score! We finished in 5th position for the day which is very cool. Hopefully they'll feature us on the front page, but who knows!? Thanks for all your feedback too - if we ever get around to Pop Pirates 2.0 we'll keep it all in mind. We made this game to spread some love for our portal site so why not head on over there and find some more games to play? If you make your own games, you can add them to the list yourself and increase your traffic.

Here are some hints for playing Pop Pirates: hold your finger down on the mouse rather than click-click-clicking! Collect music files before they start ticking down. Kill the snake's tail first. Collect all the power-ups and don't die! Don't forget to add your score to the high score table.

Thanks again - more games coming soon...

UPDATE: Can WOODY who hacked the scoreboard please tell me how they did so I can make it more secure :)

Pop Pirates


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2008-06-03 14:46:53

Good luck. 1st post


2008-06-03 19:46:48

Did you actrually make this? I saw this game on another site AGES (about four years) ago.

thegameslist responds:

Yeah we did make this! A different version used to be on another site we ran, but I won't go into details...


2008-06-03 21:19:22

I'm terribly sorry I offended you. Want a cookie? :3

Yeah... seems the game was created by Bloc Games in 2006. Since you didn't mention anything about that I thought you had stolen the work. But it seems it is properly credited on your site. But... "[...]if we ever get around to Pop Pirates 2.0 we'll keep it all in mind. We made this game...".

Quite perplexing.

thegameslist responds:

TheGamesList is an internal project within Bloc. I made this!


2008-06-05 20:42:36

Oh! Cool then! :) Thanks for the explanation! :3


2008-06-08 21:43:49

That was a very cool game, so cool I'm heading to your site right now! :D


2008-06-11 21:00:43

i love the old school feel of this game plus the cool riff when you collect the info, reminds me of BIll and Ted ..(EXCELLENT)